Thurrock Hockey Club Constitution

To promote the game of hockey amongst all sections of the community in the borough of Thurrock.

1.    The Club shall be called Thurrock Hockey Club (the Club) and the address shall be that of the Honorary Secretary.

2.     The Club shall be affiliated to the England, East and Essex Hockey Associations.


a.  A President is nominated by the management committee and elected at the AGM. The President serves until resignation or asked to stand down.

b. Honorary Vice Presidents (HVPs) shall be given Life Membership for long term service relating to the Club.

c. Nominations for HVPs shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM at which they may be elected.Nominations for Vice Presidents to the Honorary Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM.
d. Club Officers shall be elected annually at the AGM. Nominations for Officers shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM.
4.    a.

i.  The Management of the Club shall be vested in the Management Committee, consisting of: President, Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Membership Co-ordinator, Men and Ladies Club Captains, Child Protection Officer, Sports Council Representative, League Liaison Officer, England Hockey Liaison Officer, Club Development Officer

ii. Four members constitute a quorum.

iii. The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy occurring in the Officers of the Club, as defined above.

iv. The Management Committee shall meet monthly. Additional meetings may be called by either of the following methods: at the discretion of the Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson or the Honorary Secretary

b.      General running of the Club has been delegated by the Management Committee to  the following sub-committees:

i. General Sub-Committee, meeting monthly, consisting of President, Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Social   Secretary, Membership Co-ordinator, League Liaison Officer, England Hockey Liaison Officer, Team and Club Captains, Youth Hockey Co-ordinator, Umpire Co-ordinator, Fixture Secretaries, Club Development Officer.

ii. Youth Sub-Committee consisting of Youth Coordinator, Club Coach and Youth Representatives. These committees will meet as required. The Management Committee has the power to disband any sub-committee when they so desire.

c. Only those given express authority by the Management Committee may order goods from suppliers, incur debts on behalf of the Club or otherwise represent the Club in an official capacity.

5.    Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be displayed at Palmers not less than 28 days prior to the date of the meeting. Items for inclusion on the Agenda shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary in writing not less than 14 days prior to the meeting. The AGM Agenda shall be published not less than seven days prior to the meeting.

6.    All Club Members shall be allowed to vote at the AGM. Men and Lady members only to vote for their respective team captains, if required.

7.    An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called either:

a. at the discretion of the Management Committee.

b. at the discretion of the Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson or Honorary Secretary.

c. at the written request of not less than 15 members of the Club to the Honorary Secretary giving details of the matter to be discussed. All 15 members requesting the meeting must attend.

Notice of any such meeting shall be published not less than eight days prior to the meeting. No business other than that for which the meeting was called may be discussed.

8.    Membership shall be renewable annually by application to the Membership Secretary. Membership application forms accompanied by subscriptions will be accepted until 1st November at the discounted rate. Notice of these dates for membership application shall be published within 14 days of the end of the previous season.

9.    The Management Committee shall reserve the right to recommend a change to Club Rules. Such changes must be voted in at an EGM, of which members must be given eight days’ notice.

10. The Club Constitution, Rules and Role Descriptions are on the Club website.  The Club follows advice from England Hockey and has in place a Child Protection Policy and procedures for ensuring the safety of our young players.

11. Dissolution of the Club:

a) If the Club shall pass in a General Meeting, by a majority comprising two thirds or more of the members present and entitled to vote, a resolution of intention to dissolve the Club, Thurrock Hockey Club Committee shall take steps to convert all of the assets of the Club into money.

b) The proceeds of the conversion shall be used by Thurrock Hockey Club Committee firstly to discharge all the debts and liabilities of the Club. Any balance shall be passed onto the Club’s governing body for use by them for related community sports.


Also see Thurrock Hockey Club’s Membership Policy

a.    Annual subscriptions will be due on completion of a Membership Application Form on or before Registration Day, October 1st.

b.    Senior member’s subscriptions will be subject to a discounted reduction if paid in full on or before the Registration Day. In any event, full subscriptions must be paid by the 1st October of that playing season.

c.    Membership and eligibility for team selection will be dependant on the payment of the required subscription.

d.   Goal keepers owning their own kit to have 50% off their membership subscription

e.   Committee members are entitled to 10% refund of membership subscription after the 1st year, 20% refund after the 2nd year, 30% refund after the 3rd  year. This will be capped at 30%

2.    The Management Committee reserve the right to:

a.    Charge Members joining the Club during the playing season an appropriate fee.

b.    Cancel membership of any member whose behaviour is not in accordance with   the welfare and good reputation of the Club.

3.    Notification of change of address should be sent in writing to the Membership Secretary.

4.  a) Associate Members are eligible to play up to seven games per season. Further games are up to the discretion of the Management Committee.

b) An Associate Member has the rights of a Full Member within the limitation above.

c) Emergency players called in to make up the team are charged £10 + £3.50 per game (all being paid to the club), which covers insurance, pitch hire etc… If the team decides to cover this cost then that is a team decision. They can only play a maximum of 3 games, after which they must join the club as a member

5.    Regular Club Umpires, Mini Hockey Managers and Senior Team Coaches shall be made Vice Presidents on a seasonal basis at the discretion of the Management Committee.

1.    Will be approved by the Management Committee.

2.    Complete a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) if over 18 years of age from the club.

3. To coach independently adults have completed the minimum England Hockey Sessional coach or UKCC Level 2. To coach supervised a minimum of England Hockey introduction to coaching or UKCC level 1. Coaches coaching Under 12s independently must have a minimum of UKCC England Hockey Sessional Coach Award or UKCC level 2 or Proud to Coach Children Award. To coach supervised a minimum of England Hockey introduction to coaching or UKCC level 1.

4.     Attend a Child Protection Workshop or access the course on line.

5.    Those that qualify as coaches must produce evidence of insurance to the treasurer at the start of every season as required by England Hockey.

6.    Commit to the development of the Club wherever possible.

NOTE: Club insurance covers third party liability only. Members to obtain their own insurance cover for personal accident, loss or damage to equipment, personal effects etc.
Players are required to comply with the following:

The Club colours are as follows:

1.   Black and amber shirts, black shorts or skirts with amber socks.

2.   Note: the wearing of club kit is required and non-compliance may render the player ineligible for selection to play.

3.   Goalkeepers must wear protective equipment in accordance with the Hockey Association rules.

4.   To remove all outer garments including tracksuits when playing in matches and tournaments.

5.   Unless advised to the contrary, members must play for the team for which selected.

6.   Matches will be played as scheduled unless otherwise advised by your team captain.

7.   To arrive at the meeting place or home ground at the time specified by your Captain.

8.   To advise your Team Captain at the earliest opportunity if you are unable to play.

9.   To socialise with the opposition after both home and away games.

10.To assist with the development of the Youth Section of the Club.

11.To be aware that a breach of discipline on and off the field will result in action being taken by the relevant Club Captain. That action may result in suspension as stated in the Players Discipline Code.

12.To be aware that all club games are played in accordance with the Hockey Association and club rules.


In accordance with The Hockey Association Rules, Captains are responsible for the behaviour of their team and supporters. Disciplinary action will only be taken by the relevant Club Captain after consultation with the Captain and players. If required, the Club Captain will refer to the Management Committee.

If violence is used towards:

a. Umpires: 180 days’ suspension
b. Players: 80 days’ suspension
c. Spectators: 60 days’ suspension

If violence is threatened

a. Umpires: 90 days’ suspension
b. Players: 30 days’ suspension
c. Spectators: 16 days’ suspension

If verbal abuse is used towards:

a. Umpires: Action will be taken by the relevant Club Captain
b. Players: Action will be taken by the relevant Club Captain
c. Spectators: Action will be taken by the relevant Club Captain

This includes offences committed during the half-time interval and after the final whistle.
These penalties are in line with EHA regulations.

For any player receiving:

·         Green card warning at the discretion of the relevant Club Captain

·         Yellow card warning at the discretion of the relevant Club Captain

·         Red card 15 days’ suspension effective immediately and financial penalty at   the discretion of the management committee.

·         All the above are the minimum recommended penalties Club members receiving cards must be reported to the Club Captains within 48 hours of the game. Repeated offenders will be disciplined by the management committee.

Please note:

1.    Indoor and outdoor hockey are subject to the same disciplinary code but are treated separately.

2.    Offences by non-playing members will be the subject of the Management Committee.

3.    Members may appeal in writing to the Management Committee concerning any discipline given.

An appeal against disciplinary action will be heard by a completely separate panel consisting of the appropriate team captain, a representative of the player and an officer of the Club (chairperson, secretary, treasurer) selected by the player.
The suspension will cease while the appeal takes place. This will be done within 14 days of the appeal.
The decision of the panel is final.

The Club is committed to providing equal opportunity to play hockey.
Membership is open to all, members will be treated equally no matter to what race or ethnicity, religious belief, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or social background the member may belong.
Where members are unable to play through disability, the Club will seek to provide other opportunities to integrate them into the Club. i.e. umpires, coaches and committee members.
The Club will deal with any incident of discriminatory behaviour seriously, which may result in exclusion from the Club.

Copy of the Child Protection Policy may be requested from the Child Protection Officer


Amended May 2017 GS



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